Friday, December 31, 2004

A Divorce Started with a Cruel and Unforgivable Act

I'm going through an ugly divorce. It could be uglier, but not by much. My wife decided that she wanted a divorce, but was afraid of losing custody. So she launched a preemptive strike. She got involved with a women's group that aids women in divorces and they walked her through the process of filing a false claim of abuse. I’ve done some research and discovered that this type of false claim is considered a “Silver Bullet” by such groups. One afternoon a man came to my door and I was given 5 minutes (literally) to gather what I could and get out. Want an idea of what that's like? Get up now and gather whatever you can and walk out your front door. As I hear, I was lucky to get five minutes.

About a half hour after that I discovered that she had cleaned out the checking and savings accounts. So, with the possessions I could gather in 5 minutes and no money I started my current life. I was called by the police the next morning. The officer wanted me to come down to talk to him. He said he just wanted to hear my side of the story, and I asked him what story, since I had no idea what was going on. He said he was mainly concerned about "the time you had your hands around your wife's throat". I was stunned into silence. A couple of things went through my head. This must be some kind of elaborate joke. They must have made a mistake and called the wrong person. What the hell was going on? I mumbled something about needing to talk to an attorney and managed to get off the phone.

There’s much more to come, so stay tuned…