Thursday, February 03, 2005

Better today

Well, a good night's sleep helps a lot. Plus a conversation with my lawyer. One thing I found out was that I misunderstood the reason for my wife's motion. That was a motion that her first attorney wrote up but never filed so the current lawyer is filing it. My attorney says it's basically a non-issue because I've been paying more than what would be expected of me for about 6 months. Also, my wife has not yet been presented with what we plan to offer (which I might change my mind about). I sent her a pretty pointed email last night because I had about had it with her pretending to be nice and that there were no problems between us. I wasn't nasty, but I made it clear that I was tired of the lies she keeps making up and that she shouldn't expect me to be extra nice to her anymore. She's not going to like getting that, but at some point she needs to realize that trying to destroy somebody's life is going to lead to consequences.

Anyway, much better today.