Monday, February 21, 2005

Much Better Today

A good nights sleep, a big cup of coffee, a couple of donuts and a plan to get things done. I'm definitely feeling much more like myself. Plus I'm watching Scare Tactics while I'm eating my breakfast. This show is utterly hilarious.

We're in the middle of a minor snowfall here (4-8 inches) and the roads are terrible, but going to Dunkin Donuts was absolutely critical this morning. I ran out of milk for cereal yesterday and even worse, cream for my coffee. As many of you know, drinking your coffee without cream (light cream, not half and half, not whole milk, not skim milk) is a crime in many states. Drinking it with skim milk actually rises to the level of a felony. Since I don't want to see myself on Law & Order someday, I made the trek both to Dunkin Donuts and the local convenience store. I have to say I'm not looking too good this morning. I haven't shaved and I put on a baseball cap to go out, so I looked like quite the criminal. The convenience store clerks were naturally suspicious of me.

Ok, I'd love to go into more, like the Simpsons episode that I saw (Whatchamacarcass Sandwich...they slay me), but I do have a lot to do today. For those of you wondering, I did receive another email from my wife, she was unhappy that I didn't get my son a haircut. I have now been informed that the only time he can get a haircut is during our Saturday afternoon visitation. Somebody stop the madness!