Sunday, April 10, 2005

You Know It's Going To Be One of Those Days...

I have to say that before I get a cup of coffee in me I sometimes do some interesting things. This morning was even a little worse than usual. I somehow managed to stumble into the kitchen to make my cup of coffee. As I weaved back and forth I noticed that my landlady had bought a new laptop - I mean new to her not new. It was obviously quite old, and I wondered if it would even run windows 3.11.

Something was odd about the laptop - after some thinking I finally realized what it was. The keyboard was on top. Something was just not right. It dawned on me. I was not looking at a laptop. It was a square waffle-iron. Is this what LSD users experience?

I went to my little one-cup coffeemaker and started setting it up to make my coffee. I grabbed my coffee cup to fill it with water to put in the coffee maker, and found that for some reason I had reversed my normal coffee-making procedure. It became apparent when the water I had already put in the coffee cup ended up all over me and my pyjamas.

And it just got better. My next post is about the preparation for my date on Friday night and the actual date.