Monday, May 09, 2005

A Few Thoughts As I Wait For My Coffee…

Today I’m renting a car. I’ve got two things I’d really like to get done: return all my work material to my manager and get the new car situation moving. I was supposed to UPS all the material back to him, but the cost would be surprisingly high, and it’s very difficult to ship things with no car to get it to a shipping center. I could have arranged to have them picked up, but that doesn’t eliminate the expense. I’d get reimbursed, but that could take a couple of weeks.

So today I’ll drive it all to him and it will be done. I was going to rent the car anyway, so the expense of renting isn’t a big deal. I’ll just be glad to have it all done. It will certainly give me a lot of shelf space at home.

When I wrote the title to this post I said a I had a “few thoughts”. I find now that my mind was lying to me. Apparently, the thought queue is very small before I finish my coffee. So I’ll have to make something up as I go along here. Come on. It’s not that hard. Think think think.

Ok, maybe it is that hard. Hey! I spoke too soon! The thought just popped into my head that I want all my stuff at the condo. I’ve gotten the idea from my STBX that she has packed all my stuff up in boxes and put it in the garage. I’ve asked her for a couple of things, and she tells me she doesn’t know where things are, that they’re probably in a box in the garage. This is annoying for two reasons. First, I don’t have access to it (one was my photo album and about a thousand photos and negatives), second, she’s trying to dictate what I take and don’t take. I will have no idea until after I go through all the boxes if all of my stuff is there. There’s a lot of stuff with sentimental value that I don’t want to lose.

Ok, I’d like to write more, but I’ve got to get moving. It’s going to be a long, busy day.