Thursday, May 19, 2005

It’s official. I have wheels again.

I took several forms of transportation to get to it, but I did it. I started out with a ride from my landlady to the Peter Pan bus station. I was wondering if we were going to make it for a while because her car was making a very high-pitched sound, and seemed to me to be running a little bit hot. I wonder when the last time she checked her oil was…

The bus was really quite a pleasant experience. With one exception. The guy who walked (crutched, really) up to me and told me that he was stranded and needed money to get back home to NYC. I looked him up and down and quickly came to the realization that he was a scammer. The first thing I noticed was the shirt from a local bar. The second was the crutches and “cast” he had on his left leg. Maybe I’m not current with the latest medical procedures, but I don’t know many doctors who would put a plaster walking cast on a leg over the pair of pants you’re wearing. I also don’t know many doctors who use duck tape to secure the top of a cast. If I were really feeling like a hardass I would have asked to see his license, or asked him how much he needed for a ticket to NYC, since I already knew the answer. The look I gave his cast as I said no must have clued him I was a lost cause, because he quickly moved on to the next person pulling in.

Anyway, I arrived and then hopped onto a city bus to get as close as I could to my ex-coworker’s house before I jumped into a taxi. The taxi driver was good and had no problem with me directing him on a shorter route, so he got a tip which made up the difference.

The last possible place a curse could have prevented me from driving away in my car was in the driveway, but the battery was charged and the car started without a hitch. I even remembered to put the plates on! So now the car sits out in the parking lot of the Starbucks I sit in until it’s time to go and pick up my son. I’m working on my cover letters while I’m here, which so far has gone quite slow.

I’m really looking forward to seeing my son tonight. I have missed him terribly, mainly because I didn’t get to see him this last weekend because of an ear infection. Poor little guy. We are going to have a blast – he’ll get a ride in the new car today, which will thrill him. We’ll have to go to the park because he really enjoys that, especially swinging. We’ll have to go and get something to eat, probably mac & cheese (or maccheese as he puts it) and possibly the pet store, but I’m not sure how much we can really fit into the time we’ve got. It’s a continual source of amazement to me how much a child changes your life, and the strength of the bond you develop. Do you know I can’t watch some shows where children are hurt or mistreated? It makes me angry to see it because I can’t help but think of my son in the same situation. The only thing that ever provoked that reaction in me before was the movie Amistad. I’ll have to think about whether or not I’ll ever want to watch that again. I was so disturbed watching it that I literally almost threw a coffee mug through my television set. I was outraged that people could be treated the way they were on the voyage across the Atlantic. If you haven’t seen it, you are warned. I have been thinking about the things I want to teach my son as he gets older. Perseverance, kindness, logic, empathy (which is different from kindness), I could go on and on. There’s so much I feel I need to pass on to him, but he’s got a big part of it already. He’s happy. I think that’s one of the single most important things anybody can learn. I like to think I taught him to be happy by example – I’ve had many people tell me that his attitude and smile remind them of me. That alone makes me feel like a good parent.

I am in such a good mood right now. Part of it is getting the car situation resolved finally, but the biggest part of it is that I feel like I’m entering a normal life again. I really had no idea how much I was putting into my last job – it’s become much more apparent as I’ve found myself with no work to do at various times. My stress level is WAY down and I’m finding a lot of time to do things that I enjoy again. I’ve done a lot of computer work, and there’s lots more on the horizon. I’ve got a lot of maintenance-type work to do that I’ve put off for a long while.

I suppose I should get back to researching what I’m going to put into a cover letter. Wish me luck!