Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Karma, It's Everywhere You're Going To Be

It's been an interesting morning already. I've had a steady stream of calls from my coworkers to check on me and see how I'm doing. Some of them have called when I'm on the phone with others, and it's actually pretty touching to listen to the messages of support they leave. I had no idea I had had such an effect on some of these people. My car situation may already be solved I'm happy to say. One of my coworkers has a car she wanted to sell and has offered it to me for a very good price. It needs a little work, but nothing major, and she took very good care of it so I know it's in good condition. That's a pretty big relief.

One of my coworkers mentioned that I should consider a job as a male stripper. I'll have to think that one over.

I feel like I'm kind of on a rollercoaster right now. I've got a lot of people's support, even more than I would have guessed. I went out of my way to help my coworkers with various things on the theory that you never know who you might be working for or with in the future, and that is definitely paying off. Everybody I've talked to so far has insisted on being a reference for me because of the things I'd done in the past to help them out. It's a great feeling. Karma, it's everywhere you're going to be.

After writing that last line I went up and changed the title of this post - it just seemed so appropriate. I've got so many friends coming out of the woodwork to help and support me that I nearly cried this morning. It's just amazing to see how much things I've done and said in the past meant to people. One of my coworkers husbands even sent me a message.

It's already 11:30, wow. I'm trying to do ten things at once, like talking on the phone with my (ex) coworkers (which is good for networking, as well as for support), tweaking my resume, posting said resume to monster and such, cleaning up my office and getting stuff together to send back, filling out forms - I could go on and on.

So tell me, does anybody know if you actually have to interview for a burger-flipping job at McDonalds?