Sunday, May 01, 2005

My New Assigned Parking Spot

Just a short update, but I thought this was pretty funny. Today my STBX called me and told me that she'd be getting back late. This isn't a huge problem, but I do find it interesting how often she complains if I'm a little late but forgets that she's sometimes late too. Anyway, sometimes I like to park at the end of the street so that my son and I can walk back. He enjoys the walks as much as I do, and it has the added benefit of him being awake and not cranky when I drop him off.

My STBX seems to think I do this because I'm hiding something. The first time I did this I saw a very interesting thing as I backed my car out of the spot I was in. It was my STBX running with the dog around the corner bending and craning her neck to try to see into my car. She was looking to see if I had a woman stashed at the end of the street. Every time I've parked there since she's insisted on walking back with me to my car using the excuse that my son liked watching me drive away.

Tonight she was in rare form, however. She actually got a little angry that I had parked at the end of the street. She asked me why I kept doing that and told me she wanted me to park where I usually park directly across from her car. Why here? I don't know. Maybe she's filming or something, or maybe she is tired of walking to the end of the street to do a visual inspection of the car.

Maybe I'll put together a fake woman using clothing and a wig and sit her in the passenger seat. I'll make sure I have a camcorder with me to film that one.