Monday, May 23, 2005


I saw the most beautiful thing tonight as I was driving home. Although it's late, I had to sit down to capture the thought before it fled my mind. The highway is not normally a place where you look for beauty, but sometimes it finds you there of it's own accord. The moon was very bright tonight, and there were large, billowing clouds filling the sky. The light of the moon behind the clouds gave them a blue-gray appearance that I've always found intensly beautiful. I was driving through central Massachusetts and off to my right I noticed a valley. I knew it was a valley despite the fact that I could not see it. Dense fog had filled the valley to just under the rims of the hills, and shafts of moonlight were coming through the gaps in the clouds to illuminate parts of the scene.

Sights like this give me comfort. The part of nature that is the visual equivalent of "one less traveled by" (yes, Robert Frost) never fails to fill me with a sense of wonder. We lose it as we get older and more used to the sights all around us. It's in children we see that wonder expressed at the little things we take for granted, and it's why we find that wonder children experience so precious. We miss it.