Friday, June 03, 2005


I had to make a post about my son - we had such a good time the other day. As you know, my mother is up from Florida visiting, and she was thrilled to see him. He was a little shy at first, even going to so far as to hide behind his sippy cup, but before long he was smiling and playing with his cars. I had a new yellow Baracuda car, which he absolutely loved. I ended up holding it under my chin at one point - for some reason he likes that.

He's learned how to park a car now. He will set it on the edge of the table and looks at me and says "What's it doing?" I tell him "It's parking!", and he'll laugh. Now he will tell me "Look Daddy, it's parking!" We had his favorite, Mac & Cheese with Hot Dogs. On the way to dinner I'll ask him "Do you want pizza for dinner?" I'll get "No - Macsheese!" back. I'll ask "Do you want sandwiches for dinner?" "No! Macsheese!" He giggles the whole time, but he knows he's going to get his "Macsheese". Every time one of the waitresses walked by with dishes, he'd whip around to see if it was his dinner.

I've had to work on getting him to eat with smaller bites. He likes to feed himself, but he'll try and get bigger spoonfuls than I'd eat. I tell him "Small bites!" and knock a bunch off the spoon, but occasionally he'll manage to get a giant spoonful up towards his mouth. Sometimes he'll look at it and change his mind, moving the spoon over to feed it to me.

After we ate we went across the street. There was a Hobby store that was going out of business there and they were selling everything at 60% off the normal price. I made out like a bandit for him. He fell in love with a die-cast Hummer that was the same color as my car. It's quite a bit bigger than a regular matchbox and the hood opened, which he loved. I bought that, a couple of other little trucks and a remote control bug (I know, it sounds weird, but he liked it) all for about $10. On the way home I heard this sudden gasp out of him, the same kind of gasp he gives when he sees a particularly interesting tractor or fire engine. He then started laughing and said "Look Daddy!" He had found out that the doors opened on the Hummer. I hadn't noticed that either.

I was going to show him the remote control bug, but we didn't get all the right batteries. I'll have to have it ready to go for the weekend with the twins. My brother's and I used to be called "The Three Monsters", and I've decided to pass the Mantle on to the twins and my son. I'm sure my sister-in-law will be thrilled.

Time to get to bed - I have to pick up the Truck & Tractor Boy up at 9am tomorrow morning. I can hardly wait!