Thursday, June 02, 2005

More Antics, But They Might Just Bite Her In The Butt...

So much going on, so little time to post. The short news: It was a long day, but the visit at the end of it with my son made up for everything. I'm still quite stressed, I'll have to go into it more when I have more time.

One of the things the STBX was complaining about the other day was that I wasn't taking things. She said that she had been forced to place things under the deck in the back and she had received a letter from the Condo Association threatening to fine her. I thought it was awfully quick, but didn't think much more of it until today. Happened to look behind the condo, only to find, not much underneath the deck, certainly not what she told her attorney. Took some pictures and will be sending them to the attorney with a question about how much her little escapade cost in fees. I want to confront her about the constant lies, and the pictures will help.