Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Bombing of London

As I watched CNN report on the terrorist bombings of London this morning I heard Robin Leade ask: “Does it strike you as amazing the composure with which these people are able to describe what’s happened to them?”

No. Not at all. I’ve always had an immense respect for Great Britain, and it’s based not just on their words, but on their actions. There’s an irrational belief by some in the U.S. that the men of Great Britain are weak, and it’s based on the most ridiculous of proof: their accents. The men and women of Great Britain are an incredibly strong people, all you have to do is take a look at history if you want your proof.

I think one of the best “recent” examples of the strength of Britain is the Battle of Britain, which was followed by the Blitz of 1940. In the Blitz London was bombed on an almost nightly basis from September 1940 until November 1940, then continued (just not on as regular a basis) until May 1941. Think about that.

I take this next paragraph from All Info About:

The resilience of Londoners in the face of this nightly onslaught has passed into legend. Ordinary men, women and children showed amazing and sustained courage just by carrying on with their daily lives in spite of the nightly bombing raids. In the end, many people became so habituated to them that they just carried on with what they were doing. For example, cinemas would continue to show films during raids and the audience would remain to watch them.

I look at the United Kingdom as one of our country’s parents. One of the reasons we make such good allies is that we are so much alike. I think the bombings today in London will have exactly the opposite effect the terrorists wanted - bombing London will not demoralize Great Britain, but actually strengthen their resolve. Great Britain is one hornet’s nest I am willing to bet the terrorists will soon wish they had left alone.

A splinter group of Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for these attacks, and an unconfirmed statement posted on a web site linked to Islamic extremists links the attacks to military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. To me this is a sign that what we are doing in these countries is a good idea. The terrorists obviously don’t want their allies, like the Taliban or Saddam Hussein, removed from power because it removes a source of support and a base of operations from them.

The bombing of London is a tragic event, but it is hardly crippling to a country like Great Britain. It will just unite Britain’s citizens, and hopefully others, in stopping Al-Qaeda from spreading it’s message of death and fear. I, for one, will stand beside you.