Thursday, August 25, 2005

Boo-boos and Silence

My son has recently caught on to the fact that mommy or daddy kissing boo-boos makes them better. He’ll show me any boo-boos he got in the last few days and say to me “kiss it, Daddy. Kiss it”. Today he showed me one under his chin, which I kissed. Then he showed me one on his finger, which I kissed. He hit his head in my car when he tried to stand up in his car seat after I’d undone the straps. He looked vaguely unhappy as he rubbed his head and told me to kiss it. I did, and he looked at me and said “no Daddy, it’s on this side”, pointing to the other side of his head.

We had a good time at dinner. He had his cars out and we drove them all over, including the top of my head. I pretended that the car I was holding took a sudden turn and crashed into his belly, which he thought was absolutely hysterical.

When his Macsheese, with hot dogs and dip (ketchup) got there he dug into it with relish. He chowed. He just kept eating and eating and eating. I am always amazed by how far a toddlers belly will stick out when they’re done stuffing themselves.

I have a new favorite at Friendly’s. It’s the grilled chicken melt. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it. Each half of the sandwich has a toothpick in it to hold it together, which my son found fascinating. He wanted one, but I turned into the mother from A Christmas Story, and wouldn’t let him have one because he’d poke his eye out.

When we were done I got him down from the high chair and we walked over to the fake fireplace while we waited for the waitress to bring our check. He asked me if it was hot and I told him it was. I decided I’d rather lie to him now and have him fear all fireplaces than have him want to check to see if the one he happened to be looking at was one of the cold ones.

I looked back at our table and found that our check had arrived. We walked back and as we did I noticed that several women at different tables were looking our way. But they weren’t looking at me, they were looking at my son. And they had this dreamy look on their faces. The kid is just too cute. I wanted to say “Hey – I’m his dad – you can at least spare me a glance!”

Just as I was going to pick up the check, he tripped. He didn’t fall right to the ground, though. He sort of did this spinning move as he fell into a sitting position, but he was kind of lopsided. It turned out that somehow he had maneuvered the car in his hand so that he ended up sitting on it. The trouble was that it wasn’t flat on the ground, it was standing on end. It obviously hurt, but I could tell it wasn’t enough for him to cry. I picked him up and asked him if he was ok. He said it hurt. I asked him where it hurt and he patted his butt where he had sat on the car.

Have you ever noticed that there are times when a crowded area goes nearly silent? This was one of those times. For some reason nearly every person in the area had stopped talking, and a lot of those women were still looking at him after his little fall. So not only did they know what had happened, they saw him patting his butt when I asked him what hurt, and they clearly heard him say “kiss it Daddy. Kiss it”.

Now all the women were looking at me.