Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My Music, My Life

I've been refining the playlist I posted for weeks. Every so often I'll add something or take something off. It's kind of an all-around playlist. I listen to it while I exercise, while I'm just sitting around or when I'm surfing. A lot of it is music to keep me energized - I'll take every bit of help that way I can get. Despite all the stuff happening in my life I still think I'm having a great life (see number 8, thanks Goatboy). It's just a matter of getting through what's happening now.

I have several philosophies on life that have developed over the years, and the music reflects it. I decided to be an optimist many years ago, and part of that is not saying "everything happens for a reason" (because I don't believe that), it's saying "it's happened, now how can I make the best of it?". If you don't believe you decide to be an optimist or a pessimist I think you're fooling yourself. Your outlook on life is just that, yours, and you can decide how you want to perceive it.

Another thing I decided many years ago was that I was going to be happy. Just happy. Not rich and happy, not famous and happy. Just happy. I want to enjoy my life, I want to tell stories of all the fun I've had to my grandchildren (and if I'm lucky, my great-grandchildren). I want to do more than tell them to enjoy their life, I want to show them how to do it. Worrying about the things that happen in everyday life is a huge waste of time. Most of the time it doesn't change a thing and you spend time you'll never get back unhappy. I want to keep my happy/unhappy quotient quite high, thank you.

With all the things that life can throw at you it can be hard to remain happy and optimistic. The trouble is, it's at those times that you need a good attitude the most. I think that happiness and optimism are habits that can be developed, but so are their opposites.

What keeps me going these days? All kinds of things - my son, the dreams I have for the future, the music I listen to. Some days it's harder than others, some days I even fail, but I keep trying. I'll get through all of this and I'll end up better than I was before. I've heard several times that living well is the best revenge, but I don't want revenge. I just want to live well.