Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Post With No Theme

I emailed some family tonight. Literally days after my last day working in May I received an “update” from my uncle, whom I haven’t seen in over 10 years. I didn’t really realize it had been that long until I sat and thought about the last time I’d seen him and my aunt. His two youngest daughters I remember as young girls – they are now 19 and 21. One graduated from college already, and the other is currently attending. It was strange (almost surreal) to be reading about their current lives – there have been so many changes.

When I got the update I told myself that I’d have to email all of them to reestablish contact. I kept telling myself that until tonight. I finally managed to actually sit down and write. I wrote my aunt and uncle first and by the time I was finished I was very surprised of the length. I didn’t know quite how to describe the events of my life for the last three years, it’s not something that’s easy to do. I told them about my son, and how he is the best little boy ever born. I even directed them to the website where I have pictures of him posted. It took me over two hours to write out that email. There was a lot of editing – like I said, it’s hard to try to explain extraordinary events like the one’s I’ve experienced.

Next came my two cousins. I didn’t describe nearly as much in those emails, I mainly tried to stay positive and talked a lot about my son. They also got the link to my pictures website. After I’d spent a while writing and editing I realized that I was putting too much work into these emails. I found I was concerned about how they’d see my writing and grammar, which was utterly ridiculous. I know I’m smart and educated, I hardly need to prove it in an email, especially to family. I don’t know what I was thinking – they’re family, and would hardly think any less of me if I made a grammatical error. So I stopped trying to write perfectly and just sent out the emails.

Speaking of emails, I emailed my last manager about my last expense report last week. I had left several messages with Payroll and not gotten a single call back, which I was starting to get angry about. In the email I sent him I politely asked him what the status of my last expense report was, since I hadn’t heard anything. He emailed me back telling me that if I gave him the number of the expense report he’d get right on it. This didn’t sound good, since there wasn’t a number associated with it. I was referring to the expense report I had sent him directly, as he asked me to at the time. I wrote him back, telling him there wasn’t a number associated with it, and also included the date I’d sent it and the date it was reported as having been delivered. It took a couple of days, but he wrote a very short message which basically said that he’d be sending me out a check shortly. I was expecting that check at the end of May, at the latest. I also noticed he didn’t tell me how much the check would be for, which also concerns me. I’ve been very surprised at the lengths this company will go to to save a few dollars since I’ve left. We’ll see.

I suppose that since I really don’t have a “theme” for this post I can write just about anything I want. I’ve decided that if I ever get three wishes, one of them will be for me to speak Norwegian so I can move to Norway. I wonder if King Harald would receive me as a visiting King…