Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Short Update

Am I still alive? Yes. I’ve spent the last several days getting ready for a job interview that could have come at any time. It’s now been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so I’m still preparing. Lots of studying.

My son and I ended up having a great weekend. He loves his cousins, and they’re only four months younger than he is, and they all get along great. I had more fun watching his interractions with them than with anything else. He would take a tonka truck and push it as fast as he could, chasing one of his cousins in circles around the house. The shrieks and laughter as they ran were great. He also liked chasing them with a lawnmower type toy. Occasionally, they’d turn the tables and chase him around, which was just as funny.

They had just as much fun outside. They stomped around in some mud puddles, played together in the backyard and explored for bugs. It was just the kind of time I needed. He had absolutely no problems sleeping or being homesick, which was great.

So, with this short update being done, I’m going back to studying in preparation for the interview tomorrow.