Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Waiting Game

I got a call from the manager I interviewed with concerning the job yesterday. He told me that his manager, who he had to talk to before making any decisions was on vacation and that he would be back Thursday. He said he would call me on Thursday to let me know. My contact told me that the said manager was indeed on vacation, and that it looked pretty good for me. He said that he had been scared at one point because another candidate was interviewed. The candidate apparentely looked pretty good on his resume, but bombed the interview. So hopefully I’ll hear good news tomorrow.

I’m embarrassed to admit that when I was preparing my email to my former manager about the expense check discrepancy I discovered that the check was not off by several hundred dollars. It was only short a little over one hundred dollars, which is better, but I still want to know what the discrepancy was, so I sent my former manager a polite email.

I mentioned before that I had emailed my former attorney asking her to forward the email she claimed had bounced back to her and to provide me with the proof she claims to have that her office contacted me on “more than two occasions” about the court date. I haven’t heard a thing back from her, though I did receive a bill in the mail that was postmarked the day after I emailed her. So I sent her another email today again asking her for the material. I’d like to have her write me a response.

So right now I’m just waiting. I’m really hoping that I’ll get a good news call from the interviewer tomorrow – it would remove the biggest source of stress in my life right now. If I get this job I’ll be happy for (at least) two reasons. First, I’ll be employed. Second, it’s not a sales job – after being laid off twice in two years time I am looking for something a lot more stable.

I’ll let you know.