Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Geese of the Apocalypse

I’ve spent the last hour watching video of my son and his cousins – I can hardly wait until he’s older. He is going to enjoy seeing this – the chases, the shrieks, the lizard attacks. The savage geese that are clearly out for blood. The ducks swarming like army ants. The joy that my son and his cousins have at this age is amazing – they find wonder and fun in so many things.

If I keep this up I’ll have enough footage to make my own “When Animals Attack” video, starring my son. So far I’ve got various bugs, a lizard and the Geese of the Apocalypse. The lizard was by far the funniest, and it was an extended attack. He did battle with it all afternoon.

Just watching the video I have I can’t imagine not having it. I love being able to watch it whenever I want – it definitely makes me happy when I start to miss him. I just got done watching him roll down a hill in the grass, something I used to do when I was a child. Video of me as a child is pretty scarce – there’s only one that I know of, and my Aunt and Uncle in California took it when I was in my very early teens. I would love to see video of me when I was a child – there’s so much I don’t remember.

Speaking of remembering, video is a great memory tester. I watched the video I took yesterday of my son feeding the ducks and geese and many, many things happened slightly differently than I remember. The most notable was the attempted maiming of my son’s leg by the goose. The goose did bite his pant leg, but the “shriek” he let out was pretty minor, and I asked him if the goose got him, he didn’t say it. I also forgot the look he gave me after the goose bit his fingers – he was trying to figure out if he should cry about it when he told me it bit him. His injury was immediately forgotten when I reminded him there was more food he could feed them. The discussion he kept trying to have with the ducks and geese was pretty funny too. I so wish somebody had been present to film the goose attack on me.

I have to stop watching it and get ready for bed or I’ll be dragging again tomorrow. It’s just so much fun watching.