Monday, September 26, 2005

A Great Day

Today was one of those days that just went well. There wasn’t a major event that made it good, it was just a series of little things. I even got my work laptop today, about a week early. I got a good laugh when I picked it up, too. When the man who called me opened the door to his office I thought I was looking at Meg Kelso’s ex-husband Rick. The resemblance was astounding. Then I looked at his badge. His name was Richard. Pretty damn close. Then he said “Hi – I’m Rick”. Life is bizarre sometimes. As he was finishing up with the laptop he restarted it and the Windows Tour screen came up – he cursed under his breath. As he was canceling it I told him “Hold on! I don’t know Windows very well – let me watch that.” I said it in a completely serious tone of voice and the look he gave me was one of mixed disgust and shock. Then I started laughing and he realized he’d been taken. I think I made his day. Let no one say that you never get anything from making somebody laugh. He went out of his way after that to find me some more equipment. When I showed up at my cubicle laden with boxes people were in shock – they couldn’t believe all the loot I’d managed to score.

I think some of the stress of starting a new job is wearing off because I slept well last night. I was also in a much better mood for the entire day. Maybe it was all the video watching I did last night too.

I’ve been making my usual smartass comments on other people’s blogs and having a great time doing it. I had to do it in disguise on Heather’s blog, who will apparently wait to call a doctor until a small alien has dug it’s way out of her abdomen, turned to her and said “Would you pass the salt? You’re a little bland”. I have been looking for an excuse to hassle Samantha Burns, but haven’t found a suitable entry to be smartass about. So I’ll just start a fight with a back-handed compliment. Sam, to me, you are the Bea Arthur of Bloggers. That ought to get a reaction.

The Wily Norwegian finally got around to posting again. I can’t believe she got busy and took a few days off. Kettle, I say to thee, art thou not black? I have a question for you, though, Ms. Cruise Line (you know…Norwegian…ok, bad joke). How did you manage to post without your internet connection?

An addendum to last night’s discussion on videos. Upon reviewing the tape, I discovered that the Goose of the Apocalypse was not, in fact, trying to get my son’s attention when it bit his leg. Further analysis clearly shows that this was one of the rare carnivorous geese, and it was trying to drag him into the water. That’s exactly what I’m going to tell my son when he’s 13 and I show him the video.

I saw another video that just made my night tonight. This is Arnold being reunited with his dad after they were separated during Hurricane Katrina. Great stuff.

Ok, it’s almost ten and my chariot is going to turn back into a pumpkin. Time to post this and head to bed.