Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sometimes It’s The Little Things, Like Brum and Lizards

Today was a banner day for my son as far as toys are concerned. I had decided after the Evil Lizard Incident to get him a toy lizard, but they turned out to be harder to find than I thought. We wandered through the mall, looking at the cars that the local Subaru dealership had brought in (I miss my Outback!) which he thoroughly enjoyed. Then he suddenly pulled my hand and said “Daddy! Look!” He was pointing over at the Radio Shack, which had put a gigantic radio-controlled motorcycle with rider out front. It stood about a foot and a half tall. My son was mesmerized. I looked over to the side and saw that they had also put some radio-controlled cars kind of behind some other stuff. I looked and saw Brum. For those of you who don’t know, Brum is a car on a kid’s television show. Here’s his website.

When my son saw the Brum car he got excited and told me that he had watched Brum in the morning. I looked at the price tag and thought I was seeing things at first. It said that the original price was $34.98, and the sale price was $4.98. I checked the others and they were all marked the same. So we bought a Brum car.

We did find a lizard, but it wasn’t like the one he played with. He loved it anyway. It was in the Discovery Store, and when you pushed a button on the back it’s mouth opened up. There was a bright multicolored LED in the mouth that lit up when the mouth was opened, and he made it a point to show it off to everybody he could.

We eventually made our way to the park and played with Brum. He kept standing in front of Brum and when he pushed the lever on the remote control Brum would start forward, heading right towards his feet. He’d shriek and run, laughing and saying that Brum was coming to get him. I ended up with the remote and made Brum start following him. He was running in circles and then lit out across a baseball field. I kept calling for him to come back, but he kept going. He’d look back every few steps to catch sight of Brum, but he wasn’t turning. I realized he was going to run to the next town if I let him and had to run and catch him. As we started back he looked at Brum and realized that it was sitting all by itself a long way away. I think he’s realized that other kids will take the toys he plays with if he leaves them alone. He said “Oh no! My car!” and took off running back to Brum. It was all very comical.

The STBX was pleasant again this trip, which was nice. She was amazed at Brum, both that it existed at all and at the price. I think she’s planning on heading over to Radio Shack to pick up another for her nephew.

So, all in all, it was a very good day. It’s strange, good days seem so much more boring than drama-filled days when you’re writing about them.