Wednesday, October 26, 2005

An Average Life

My life is average right now. Some things are extremely good, others are extremely bad. That makes life average right now. I’ve been very, very busy the last week. I wish that I lived closer to where I work, because it’s about an hour commute each way. That’s a lot of time I could be using for other things. I’ve been struggling to keep up with everything, and there’s a list of people I need to get back to on email.

Some of the good things are really good. I am now divorced, I won joint custody, I love my job and I’m doing well. My son is doing very, very well – such a happy little boy! I had the best weekend with him, and when it was time to go and meet up with the Ex he didn’t want to go. It made me feel really good that he is becoming so attached to me. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be with the Ex, it’s that he is seeing me as somebody he likes to spend time with. It’s a great feeling.

The biggest negative in my life right now is my finances. Right now it’s a house of cards. I can catch up, but it will take time, and surprises like the car repairs make things a lot harder. If I had the money to move closer to where I work I could save money on gas, which would not be insignificant. A friend of mine suggested ebay, which I will have to think about – I’ve got a lot of stuff I can live without. There are things I’d rather not part with, but it will be temporary and I can replace it all later. The important thing is to just get my feet under me.

I generally dislike short posts, much to the regret of most of you, so this one ought to make you happy. I’ve got a lot to do tonight and I’d better get started.