Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Best Day of My Life

This was quite possibly the best day of my life. It had the potential to be horrible at the beginning, which makes it all the more surprising that it turned out so well. I mentioned before that I’m very short on money (read: broke) until I get my first paycheck. Yesterday (Friday) was payday, but the check did not come in the mail (which didn’t totally surprise me, but one can always hope). That was terrible news for me because I had spent the last of my spare change getting enough gas to get home from work. Yes, I’m so broke that I had to empty my change bucket and cash it in to get home from work. What’s so bad about that is that I didn’t have enough gas to get down to see my son, much less get back. So I had to call the STBX this morning and tell her I couldn’t come down. I was very unhappy about it because I’d been looking so forward to seeing my son.

I was completely honest about it, telling her that I had no money and did not have enough gas in the car to make it down there. What came next totally shocked me. She offered to drive him up here to see me. Then she shocked me again. She asked me if I wanted him to stay here with me tonight. Shocked is a pretty accurate word to use here. I was very surprised and very happy that she was making these offers. It’s a far cry from when she was actively standing in the way of me seeing my son. She went on to say that since she wanted to see where I lived this would be a good opportunity. I’m not sure, but I might have agreed even if she’d said that this would be a good opportunity to come up and burn all of my property in a bonfire out front.

So I gave her directions and she came up to drop off my son. She looked at my little apartment, and didn’t give me any trouble over that, either. I had visions of her coming in with a camera and taking all kinds of pictures, but she just came in and kind of just got an impression. She didn’t do an inspection or anything like that, it was just a look around while she was here. You’d think that after all of this she wouldn’t be able to surprise me again, but she managed it. Out of the blue she gave me $15 to make sure I had enough gas to get him back tomorrow.

I have to give credit where it is due – she really went out of her way today to be unbelievably nice. She could have been rude about it, or even just neutral, but she did an awful lot to give me some time with my son, and asked for nothing in return. Way to turn a potential bad day around, STBX!

After she left my son and I went in and played with Thomas the train for a while and ate some lunch. We watched some TV and played some more. Then we went for a walk at a local pond that has some trails around it. It was my first time there and we had a very good time. He walked almost all of the way which was really impressive. There were all kinds of cool things there. The foundation of some kind of pumping station was there and it had three metal arches going out to it. I carried him over one of them to the cement foundation and we looked around from there. Going back was a little more tricky and required a little more balance, but I managed. Right around the corner from that is a small bridge. The best thing (for him, anyway) was when we came into a clearing where there was an abandoned car. He thought that it was incredible. We did some more exploring and then headed home.

I cooked up some of his favorite macsheese and hot dogs with dip (ketchup) and he was thrilled. I still can’t get over how much a little boy can eat. He ate more than I did for both lunch and dinner. Not long after dinner he started to crash. Getting him to bed at 8 was only a problem in the sense that I was afraid he might not last that long.

I had so much fun today just being with him. On the walk back from the pond trails I was seeing the world in a whole different light. I was thinking about how much I was enjoying myself with him and thinking of things we could do in the future. And thinking that they will actually happen. It’s such a relief to know I’ll be spending more time with him.

One of the plans is the Big E. That’s the biggest fair in Massachusetts, and it starts very soon. It’s gigantic! There are animals all over the place there, rides, displays, tractors and trucks. This could literally be Heaven on Earth for my son. It’s going to be great!

What a day – I don’t think it could have gotten any better. The irony that the STBX is responsible for allowing it to happen…life can be so surreal sometimes.