Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The End of an Era?

Tomorrow is the big day. I have to be at the courthouse at 9am, and when I leave I may, at long last, finally be divorced. I received a copy of the proposed agreement, and it has addressed most of my concerns, so I’m pretty happy. There are a couple of things I wish were different, but nothing I feel is worth fighting about. What’s amazing to me is that the change came so suddenly. I’m not sure what happened to make the STBX stop fighting me on things, and I really don’t care as long as I get to spend more time with my son.

Out of the blue today I received a very nice email from somebody who, over the last couple of days, has read all my entries from start to finish. She wrote:

I just got finished reading your entire blog, from start to finish. It is
amazing to me that you were able to maintain such a good attitude after
being dealt such a horrible hand. I was going to leave a comment, but it
just didn't seem fair to do that after such a look into your life.

There's virturally nothing I can relate to, but I admire the way that you
are able to handle situations with such a good outlook. You're definitely
admirable, and I'd be willing to bet that little man you are raising will
end up with many of the same good qualities you've got. The world can only
hope so.

Thanks for sharing your life, it's amazing to read. I send some extra good
thoughts your way for all of the upcoming drama you are sure to endure

What she wrote about my son literally brought tears to my eyes when I read it. As I was still at work at my desk when I read it I had to quickly turn to another computer and perform a task to distract myself. I didn’t feel like explaining to coworkers if tears started rolling down my face.

I’ve sent out several emails like this to other authors, mainly because I like to live by the rule that if you want the privilege of complaining, you have to earn it by pointing out the good things you find in life. Maintain a good:bad ratio of at least ten and you’re good to go. It was really nice to get one myself. Thank you.

Wish me luck tomorrow – I don’t think I’ll need it, but it never hurts.