Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Must Have Swallowed A Kazoo

Today I am a Goose of the Apocalypse. My voice decided it wanted a vacation and it started on it’s way this morning. Right now I sound like a goose that swallowed a kazoo. Several of my coworkers were laughing at me when they weren’t threatening me to keep me at a distance. Were I a smarter man I would have charged them to stay away.

Tonight I didn’t receive threats of bodily harm to post from Selmathena, but from her golem Canagal. Canagal is the proof that Sara can actually reanimate flesh.

And, if you’ve been reading the comments, somebody (who shall remain nameless for her own protection) saddled me with the nickname Pony Boy. Pony Boy is apparently a character from the movie The Outsiders, which I’ve never seen. While I’m told that Pony Boy is a very masculine character, the people telling me this might be toying with me. I’m sure they would like nothing better than for me to start strutting around with a new nickname, only to find out he was some real lowlife stool pigeon. These people are known for their questionable habits.

So, this post has really gone nowhere tonight. Clearly my writing ability is directly linked with my voice. This post is the written equivalent to the honkings of the deranged goose I mentioned earlier. Hope you all didn’t waste too much time on it.