Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wish Me Luck

Well, it's been a very busy time. If this post-by-email works right, then I can start posting again while I wait to get internet access outside of work.

Just as a quick update, here's what's going on:

My move went well and I'm completely in my new place now. It's been an adventure. I swear my vision must be defective. There's no way I had this many belongings just a few weeks ago.

The Ex held off for a little bit with the Motion for Contempt. I arranged a time to go down with my brother and pick everything up, but was surprised when I was told by the police that they would not provide an escort for me. They said that they didn't do that unless there is a restraining order in place. Since there's not, they won't do it. I got the stellar advice of "just make sure you have witnesses and you'll be fine". Pardon me if I'm not that cavalier. It's not just that I don't feel comfortable entering the condo without an escort, my brother says he won't do it either. The Ex's take on that? "That's bullshit! There's no reason for you not to come in to get it!"

So the Ex filed the Motion for Contempt anyway. She's still angry about the Health Insurance, which still seems ridiculous to me, but paranoia does funny things. She did make me angry with it, though. I was served in front of my son when I brought him back from having him this last weekend. That was unnecessary. She ended up more angry than I did, however. The State Marshall who served me offered to be an escort for me to get everything out. That way, he said, you won't have to go to court. The Ex didn't want to hear that for two reasons. One, she's mad and just wants to go to court. Two, she had to pay for me to be served, and if we don't go to court she can't try to make me pay for it. So the Marshall was surprised when she wasn't very happy with that option. I did try to get some of the stuff when I picked my son up on Saturday, but she said she "couldn't reach any of it". Heh.

Ok, let's see if this work. I have to say it's been hard not to be posting all of this time.