Tuesday, May 02, 2006

They let me out of my Tower…

I recently got an email from another blogger and it made me realize that I needed to find the time to write more often. There’s so much to write about and so little time these days. I’ve only got a few minutes tonight, so I thought I’d give a preview of some of the things that I’ll be writing about soon:

  1. Being served and going to court again for the medical bills I was planning on taking her to court for. I won, completely and easily. There’s a lot more to the story than that, however.
  1. My car’s deteriorating health. With the bucking it’s currently subjecting me to I am considering a side-career as a Rodeo Rider (though a job as a clown would fit me better…).
  1. Getting used to a good relationship – Curly’s still around, and, as a kicker, my son loves her.
  1. Getting used to more paranoia from the Ex. She’s grilled our son for details, and knows Curly’s name. She recently mumbled a comment about wanting to “inspect” where I’m living. Not a chance.
  1. My son – The Best Little Boy Ever Born. Although he now tells me, at just over three, that he’s a big boy. He’s started emulating me: when he heard my favorite color was green he decided it was his favorite too. He likes to do things at the same time with me too – like drink our drinks when we’re eating.
  1. Going to a pediatrician’s appointment with him and the Ex. She didn’t like me being there, but that’s just too bad. I got to listen to her try to convince the doctor that our son had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder…because he liked to eat the same foods all the time and he once told his preschool teacher he wanted her to clean the bathroom three times. The doctor pretty much put that idea out to pasture.

That’s just a start – what I could come up with in the short time I have to sit here tonight.